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Got Penguin fever? You’ll love this lil guy to loom knit up! This super cute pattern by Bethany Dailey is available on Ravelry again and may be for a limited time. Hurry to get your cuddly pattern.

Gettin' It Pegged...Loom Knitter's Clique

Guess what?!

Mr Wobbles in snow If you missed Mr. Wobbles Penguin the first time around, you can now purchase the secrets to his creation at Ravelry! 😀

Go on now…he’s waiting for you…hurry, before all the snow melts! 😉


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This is such a great little, albeit 2 years old, article about YouTube crafter gurus and having similar content but still totally different. Give it a read and tell me your thoughts!

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I’ve been hearing and receiving comments about me facing off with Teresa from You Tube. I would like to set the record straight on several things here.

When I created this venture, it wasn’t her that made me decide to start doing filming. I was bored and wanted to express my own creativity. I had seen some videos there were very poorly done and I thought I could do better. They were not hers that I had seen. The women’s camera angle was bad and she had no personality.

I learned pretty quickly through some feedback that I have no hope in hell of competing with Teresa and not to try. I had to Google Teresa to find out who this woman was. Again, the purpose in the beginning was to express creativity. Through continuous trial and errors, my viewership picked up due to one video that really grabbed international…

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